Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sombres Forets - Quintessence (2006, Sepulchral)

One man Canadian BM band Annatar makes epic depressive odes to mother nature with characteristics of raw black metal and funeral doom. This is nothing too original or fascinating but its clear that he's genuine in his intent and his passion shines through every aspect of the recording. Fans of Xasthur, Abyssic Hate or Burzum may write this off at first listen but a couple tracks in, the misanthropy deepens and the anguished hooks and blood-curdling screams prevail. A particularly distinguishing element is his hypnotic use of keyboards and acoustic guitars which heighten the emotional content and help convey the forest-worshipping themes.

Again, not trying to sell the greatest Suicidal Depressive BM record ever here but its a very solid album that I thoroughly enjoy.

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