Monday, January 31, 2011

Black Mayonnaise - "TTSSATTRR" (2004, Emperor Jones)

Akron, Ohio's Mike Duncan should be given a key to the city. I applaud him for making the strangest music ever to come from an already strange musical landscape.

Hmm, so, how to describe this mess? Imagine you're bound and gagged in the trunk of a moving car. The couple bottles of robutussin your captors force-fed you are starting to take effect. The car subwoofers are violently vibrating the sounds of Sunn 0))) but the headphones they put on your ears are blasting Godflesh. The schizophrenia is full on and you'd really appreciate it if Grendel would stop poking you with that stick. When the hatch on this dark well is opened will you be greeted by aliens? Will they be friendly?

This is bowel-loosening lunar space sludge from some very twisted insomniac's bedroom. He probably still lives in his mom's basement. Does she know what he's building in there? And maybe she should check in on him once in a while. Jeesh.

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Or: TTSSATTSR - Black Mayonnaise


  1. Have you ever listened to any of the Vertical Slit/Jim Sheppard/V-3 recordings at all? Somehow, something got into neo-Suburban Ohio's water between '85 and the mid-90's, cause some of the finest, wildest and diverse batch of home recordings was made by all sorts of reclusive wizards throughout the state.

  2. Actually, the house I grew up in didn't have a basement. But yeah, ever since I moved out of the nest I've dedicated the bedroom to being my studio and slept out in the living room.

    Thanks for the review, much appreciated.