Sunday, January 2, 2011

Adam Forkner - Vvrssnn (2003, K Records)

You may know Adam Forkner by his other monikers, "White Rainbow" or "Yume Bitsu", impressive projects in themselves, but with this album he created of the finest electronic releases of the last decade.

Vvrssnn (pronounced "version") seems to have no particular genre in mind. This album moves gracefully through danceable tracks, downtempo grooves, psychedelic dirges and gorgeous drones, all enveloped in a spaced out meditative sensory deprivation chamber. The moment you begin to mellow and feel a bit lost, he pulls you back into a punchy four on the floor with perfect precision. Forkner has an eloquent approach to the entire composition. The narrative exists, is impossible to interpret but feels familiar all the while. Guest appearances by other members of Yume Bitsu and the rhythm section of "Modest Mouse" give everything a warm and cozy live feel that is necessary for those who don't ordinarily dig electronic material.

Give it a couple of tracks. There is a seemingly saccharin coating to some of the cuts. But, I find it fascinating that he uses the electronic staples as an ironic mask for the brilliance underneath it.

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Or: [[[VVRSSNN]]] - [[[VVRSSNN]]] (Adam Forkner of Yume Bitsu)

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