Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Call Super - Depicta / Acephale II (Houndstooth, 2014)

JR Seaton is back with a couple of serious burners. Side A is a finely honed kick in the ribs of a groove, one that is getting straight to the dancefloor with no bullshit. Side B is a bit spacey and organic but it's not wasting too much time fucking around either. I'm really feeling both.

"Call Super comes back to Fabric X Rob Booth's Houndstooth label with two melancholic, uniquely textured techno drivers. 'Depicta' turns out a tuffened 4/4 groove rent with finely layered harmonics and bristling with atomised electronic structures bound to sound amazing on a big rig. 'Acephale II' is a shade deeper, riding clipped, muffled kicks and fizzing percussion into blue, atmospheric synth zones recalling '90s classics from The Connection Machine or early PAS and The Black Dog." -Boomkat

Saturday, July 12, 2014

R.I.P. Charlie Haden

Where do I begin? I don't know. Maybe "The Shape of Jazz to Come"? How do you even talk about such an amazing person? What's there to say about someone who actually "shaped jazz to come"?

As I age, many of my icons are passing away, and even though he was 76, it still hurts. This is a monumental loss. Just take a look at his discography. Read it slowly, take it all in. It will make your head spin.

This is one of the most gigantic figures in the history of music. He will be greatly missed.