Sunday, December 16, 2012

Best 25 Albums of 2012

It was an exciting year ripe with fantastic worldwide creative musical endeavors. This was the first time in a few years I had great difficulty narrowing the list down to 25 albums. Chris and Cozey edited and finalized Sleazy's final work in a touching manner, GY!BE returned, Michael Gira proved once again that he is literally a fine wine, and every other UK producer had me going wild, and believing again. So without further ado...

25. Shackleton - The Drawbar Organ / Music for the Quiet Hour (Woe to the Septic Heart)

24. Vessel - Order of Noise (TriAngle Records)

23. Cut Hands - Black Mamba (Blackest Ever Black)

22. Emeralds - Just To Feel Anything (Editions Mego)

21. Richard Skelton - Verse of Birds (Corbel Stone Press)

20. Wymond Miles - Under a Pale Moon (Sacred Bones)

19. Daniel Bachman - Seven Pines (Tompkins Square)

18. Krallice - Years Past Matter (Self-released)

17. Rangda - Formerly Extinct (Drag City)

16. Cumulus - Nothing Matters (Headway Recordings)

15. Silent Servant - Negative Fascination (Hospital Productions)

14. Trop Tard - Ils Etaient 9 Dans L'Obscurite (Sacred Bones, vinyl re-issue of a 1988 recording)

13. Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - Timon Irnok Manta (TYPE)

12. Villages - Theories of Ageing (Bathetic)

11. Actress - R.I.P (Honest Jon's)

10. FRKWYS Vol. 9: Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras meet the Congos - Icon Give Thank (RVNG)

09. Goat - S/T (Red Rocket)

08. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Alelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend! (Constellation)

07. Vatican Shadow - Ghosts of Chechnya (Hospital Productions)

06. X-TG aka Throbbing Gristle - Desert Shore / The Final Report (Industrial Records, Ltd.)

05. Carter Tutti Void - Transverse (Mute)

04. Holy Other - Held (TriAngle)

03. Swans - The Seer (Young God)

02. Raime - Quarter Turns Over a Living Line (Blackest Ever Black)

01. Andy Stott - Luxury Problems (Modern Love)

So the Mancunians have it again. Maybe its coincidental, or maybe I left my heart in Manchester. I'll be posting a best of 2012 dj mix over at my Mixcloud page in the next couple days. Check it out.

Thanks for your support everyone. This is a lot of work and it means a lot that you all visit this site often.

Much Love!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Release on my Record Label. Villages - Music for Savage Flowers (Headway Recordings, 2012)