Monday, April 23, 2012

Listening Mirror - What's Wrong with Miracles? (Twice Removed, 2012)

Crawley, UK artist Jeff Stonehouse has just released one of the most compelling records of his genre in recent memory. With an impressive sense of patience, he offers three eerie yet elegant twenty minute tracks of dark ambient / minimal soundscapes.

Showing a tenacious grasp of sound sculpture, Stonehouse's delivery is reminiscent of music that might be composed for film score and recorded by a perfectionist engineer. Sparse guitar and striking piano chords are bathed in reverb, creating a feeling that would be just as at home in a long Tarkovsky take as it would in a bleak sci-fi or quiet horror film.

This is heavy and lovely material. Fans of Vidna Obmana, Lustmord, and the darker side of Steve Roach take note.

Listen / Download Here