Monday, January 28, 2013

El Topo - OST (1971, Abkco / 2012 LP Re-issue by Real Gone)

Its always strange talking about Jodorowsky films, so I'll keep that aspect to a minimum. We all know what a wonderfully bizarre film-maker he was (I say "we all" because you wouldn't be reading this blog if you weren't fucked in the head like me, in which case you're a weirdo who also loves this man's work), but does everyone know he made the music for his films as well? That's right, and let me tell you, the sounds are equally bizarre and wonderful. He composed this with John Barham, in a working relationship similar to David Lynch and Angelo Badalementi's, only this relationship had much more blood and an infinite amount of hallucinogenics.
Taking cues from Rota and Morriconne, the instrumentation includes flutes, horns, accordions and organs. There are orchestral waltzes, mariachi flavors, parlor jazz and some classic 70's "tripped out with sunshine on the camera" ballads. This is a real treat and I'm very happy that it has been re-issued on 180 gram vinyl. The gatefold package also includes a lovely 4 page booklet of photo stills. Now you too can own a copy of the score to this twisted, blood-drenched, drugged out, Christian allegorical, Zen Buddhist, avant garde, psychedelic fantasy / nightmare that changed film forever.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Profligate - Come Follow Me (More, 2012)

This should have been on my 2012 list. Dammit. Ordinarily I'd be embarrassed that one of the best albums of the year passed me by unnoticed, but this year was bizarre in that many of artists released killer material after October. This one came out November 1, which is highly unusual in the marketing game. Is this a new trend? I guess that's a subject for a different article.  In fact, the only reason I know about this at all is because of my friend Justin Farrar's year end list. Thanks to him for enlightening me.

Profligate makes a particular brand of easily accessible post-industrial synth pop. There are catchy hooks buried in the dark, which is reminiscent of some old school Wax Trax / Nettwerk vibes. This aesthetic is met by Basic Channel era dub techno beats, shrouded in fuzz and scuzz. Given all of these elements, its most fascinating that the end result still feels like a pretty pop record. This is really amazing stuff. Give it a go.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mortician - Zombie Apocalypse (Relapse, 1998)

Just gripped my own copy of this sick gatefold vinyl EP re-issue. Classic brutal death metal that contains just as many horror film audio clips as it does music. You'll hear "Night of the Living Dead", "Hellraiser", "Children of the Corn" and more. This is particularly nerdy cult material that will make you feel young again. Definitely worth eighteen bones, as it comes on blue marbled vinyl and a huge poster of the album cover. Do it!

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

N.Y. Scum Rock Live At CBGB! (Roir, 1989) (CS)

This is a rare cassette only comp I scored this week. Here we have raw, foul, offensive, disgusting, scuzzy, scummy, gnarly, and sloppy as can be amateurs fucking around at the greatest nightclub ever. Dirges of punk meet motor city wannabe riffs and vocal strains. The only difference in this and no wave is that these train wrecks chose to use the traditional two chord aesthetic. Don't get me wrong, I love it. This is a killer set of ridiculous music. Indulge while ingesting cheap uppers and 40's.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Burial - Truant / Rough Sleeper 12" (Hyperdub, 2012)

One of my favorite UK producers is back with an EP length single clocking in at about 25 minutes. Odd, but everything he does throws me for a loop, most importantly the music. Both tracks are much different than anything he's done before. Exploring flavors of 2-step to dub techno to noise, Burial experiments here in a way that shows his class, still above the rest in his "genre". Nothing sounds like him, and nothing ever will. The first track is darker than previous work, yet the second is er...umm... positive? uplifting? Yep, he even worked in a House anthem. Nothing is stagnant. Fine work from a continually impressive artist. I highly recommend the vinyl.

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