Monday, January 17, 2011

Salem - King Night (2010, lamsound)

Ok, so, I fought it and fought it but I had to cave and admit that I really like this stuff. I usually hate jumping on new genre bandwagons buts but I could take the reins on this one. Maybe Its the timeless and juvenile sense of humor...maybe its the fact that I've always loved weirdo rap like Kool Keith...maybe its that I remember loving what music sounds like after ingesting a lot of codeine. Whatever the reason, I think this shit rules.

Impossibly screwed beats and warbly gargled verses fueled by the Traverse City / Chicago trio's affinity for downers are too good too resist. Bass-heavy distortion, guitar feedback, other-worldly synth and even orchestration are behind this new Hip Hop / Dubstep / Drone monstrocity.

This is Witch House, Screw-Gaze, Ghost Drone, Mid West Weird cult material. Enjoy.

Also check out their first EP "I Smoke Crack". 'Nuff said.

Get It Here

Or: Salem

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