Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gary War - Horribles Parade (2009, Sacred Bones)

I've been really impressed with Sacred Bones for a while now. The label is a great launching pad for many different branches of psychedelic experimental pop that really doesn't seem to fit anywhere else. And, wow, let me tell you, Gary War doesn't seem to fit anywhere at all. This Bedroom Psych weirdo wields a weapon of dark lo-fi grooves carved from synth and guitar with otherworldly warbly vocals that are as confusing as they are psychotic. It sounds like Gary Numan was actually the one who birthed the hybrid alien baby on the tv show "V" and that mutant freak was delivered by none other than Doctor Who assisted by Walter/Wendy.

Safe journeys, space fans.

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Or: Horribles Parade - Gary War

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