Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Robin Guthrie - Imperial (2003, Bella Union)

Robin Guthrie's guitar delay and chorus pedal settings along with Simon Raymonde and Elizabeth Frazer's voice laid the foundation for Shoegaze with Cocteau Twins in the early 80's. Everyone imitates Guthrie's guitar sound (including Kevin Shields, sorry kids, he didn't start it all). After many tumultuos years, the band broke up. All three members continue to make fine solo recordings but so far, this one is my favorite.

Most of the album is reminiscent of early Twins material as well as Apollo circa Eno. Lush instrumental landscapes that I find incredibly meditative. I often find myself listening to this before bed due to its relaxing properties. Sheer beauty. I miss her gorgeous voice but a few minutes into it, I forget.

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Or: Imperial - Robin Guthrie

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