Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mugstar - Lime (2010, Important Records)

I can't believe I only recently discovered a Psych / Krautrock band who's claim to fame is that they were the last Peel Session. Truth. Mugstar is melting my face on some cosmic plane right now (they almost make me want to get into that hippie nonsense). These Liverpool boys are the most interesting band of their genre at the moment. Many others are trying but missing the mark. This is no exaggeration.

Imagine sprawling eight to thirteen minute minimal jams that refuse to become redundant. Guitars, bass, drums, synth and sax creating a mindbending and hypnotic trance. Mugstar is possessed by Neu, Pink Floyd and Hawkwind. One can also hear Steve Reich, Sonic Youth and Oneida. Put it all together and crank the volume.

As Joseph Stannard of WIRE said "Given the streamlined nature of their trip, it'd perhaps be accurate to describe Mugstar as DMT where contemporaries such as Wooden Shjips or The Heads are striving to be acid".

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Or: Lime - Mugstar

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