Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wipers - The Circle (Restless,1988)

This was meant to be the final Wipers album but just resulted in a five year hiatus for the band. Its often hated for lacking the chemistry, magic and spark of the earlier releases. I don't care if its not punk enough for all the haters. This will always be my favorite due to its mature and interesting production.

The trademark songwriting of Greg Sage remains yet there is a real depth to the recording itself. Its not raw or stripped down; On the contrary, with this record the band took a step similar to The Damned with Strawberries or WIRE with A Bell is a Cup, immersing the listener in ruminative and moody soundscapes, drawing an aural bath.

It foreshadow's Sage's later solo work which also has much merit. If you missed this one, give it a shot.

Get The Circle Here

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