Friday, May 20, 2011

Hawkwind - Palace Springs (GWR, 1991)

Your captain is still dead. Those who dove into 70's heavy metal, at sometime or another, have come across Hawkwind, the band that everyone knows because Lemmy used to play with them. Later in Hawkwind's career, they had split up into two groups under the common name for a period of time. Nick Turner(sax,flute,vocals) took it in one direction and Baron Dave Brock(guitars, vocals) took the band in another. A lot of Hawkwind's later albums have been overlooked by younger hawkcadets, thus a reason for sharing the 1991 epic heavyness of “Palace Springs.” The album was originally recorded in 1989 and the first two tracks were done in a mobile studio, the rest were performed live during a tour of North America. “Palace Springs” is the wise work of Dave Brock's formation of Hawkwind. In this album they are joined by, the band's only front woman, Bridget Wishart and the return of lead violinist Simon House. The album is mostly the re-workings of songs from earlier albums such as “Void of Golden Light”, “Time We Left” and “Damnation Alley.” Hawkwind has always been able to be prophetic in the sense that they are very proper in the manner of communicating the changing of the celestial guards. Thick pulsating drone as a galactic battle of light and dark re-affirm the age old saga of human nature and all its glory and folly. Hawkwind has always been a link between hippie and punk cultures. As heavy, dark and socially conscious of the struggles of humanity appealed to the more distraught and down to earth, the synth layered psychedelic breath spoke to those whom found themselves escaping reality. Where ever you find yourself, there you are. “Palace Springs” will be an artifact found by distant space travelers and will explain our space in time. This is your captain speaking.

--Sean Dail


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