Monday, May 9, 2011

Craft Spells - Idle Labor (Captured Tracks, 2011)

"Despite of all our conflict
I still sit and adore you
A tragedy for the ages
Now at least I can say this

Even though our love has died
You're still mine
You're still mine"

These intense lines open "Idle Labor", Captured Tracks latest release and full-length debut from Stockton, CA native Justin Paul Vallesteros. What was initially a bedroom project has evolved into a full and permanent band, one that is a contender in the current climate of 80's revivalism.

Most people just write off this sort of music but I imagine most of these people didn't grow up obsessing over The Cure either. I feel its relevant when done properly, and Craft Spells are a fine example. With the dream pop influences of Factory Records band, The Wake, some early MBV and a whole lot of Head on the Door, CS really convey the classic 80's new romantic sentiment. I'm reminded of hazy and blurred visuals of early MTV and the immense scarring of our own teenage love (or so we thought).

Vallesteros writes the best lyrics of this resurgence as well. Brokenhearted yet hopeful, he'd make Robert Smith proud.

Remember kids, summer vacation is over before you know it. Make sure to spend a lot of time in a car with the windows down, don't worry about a thing and, most importantly, tell that girl you like her, even if you feel she's out of your league. You never know what might happen.

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