Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Accused - Martha Splatterhead's:Maddest Stories Ever Told (Relativity, 1988)

Splatter rockers! Come together and fight to the death. It will be fun, as long as the soundtrack is none other than Washington's own gore thrash elite; The Accused. The album “Martha Splatterheads Maddest Stories Ever Told” is a fierce 39 minutes of gut-terror and metallic shreds of total insanity. The character Martha Splatterhead is some kind of zombie vigilante that destroys all child abusers and molesters alike and has grown to be a mascot of sorts. This 1988 release always finds it's way to my stereo and puts me in a fantastic mood. Maybe it's the range of screeches and wild cat throat cracks of vocalist Blaine Cook or the comic violence with all it's sinister laughter that is placed intermittently throughout the album. The overall theme of the album is horror film based, including movie samples and cute/creepy children singing about how Jesus will save them. Well, when he doesn't, there is always Martha. Rip their heads off!

--Sean Dail

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