Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Heat - Deceit (Rough Trade, 1981)

So how do YOU feel about nuclear warfare with the accompaniment of imperialism? Yeah, it make for an unsettling feeling somewhere between the throat and stomach. By all means, worry, This Heat can help you. The 1982 album “Deceit” is the second release for post-rock artists This Heat. The album is a cluster of dystopian contemplation through chants and screams that demands a further look into the development of Western historical powers. The production quality of this album continues to surprise me with every listen and due to the many layers of sounds, I seem to pick out phrases and textures that I had previously over heard. If you are one to listen or read about current world events and maybe be interested in the history that has propelled these events to construct the power grid in which we all live under, then the proverb filled melodies of “Deceit” will be of great comfort. Look further.

--Sean Dail

Deceit Is Waiting for you Here

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