Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Today is the Day - Temple of the Morning Star (Relapse, 1997)

“Nothing works out. It's a sweet ride mama.”

I put this record on the other night and then it started storming like a mother fucker. No shit. Seriously though, if this record is the equivalent of the devil speaking to me, than I'm down. Sign me the fuck up. The power is flickering right now and I' m ready to meet the dark lord. Transistors are blowing and this has gotta mean something kiddos. Little red dudes with pitchforks are in my future...

Eh... who the fuck am I kidding? I've been listening to “devil” music since the third grade or some shit. Let me tell you something. If all these years listening to music inspired by a fictional character had any effect, wouldn't I have already professed my love to a darker power? Don't get me wrong...love the stuff. But if you seriously fear listening to records such as the above mentioned due to the idea that you may raise an entity or some bullshit, you don't deserve to live in real time. That shit is make believe.


You know what I mean. This record is fucking retarded. It's good. Just listen to it. It's nastier than fuck. Steve Austin is a Satanist from what I understand. I heard that years ago and I've never really gotten a solid answer on that, but I just hope that he is. I mean if he isn't that’s fine. No worries. I've never really been into religious music. But if you listen to this record and feel that he is a Satanist, then you it makes you feel stoked cause it sounds like it was made by someone who worships Satan. I mean there’s a song called “Satan is Alive” on it. You get stoked cause some people believe one thing and some people, another. It's cute no matter what angle you look at it.

--Tony Plichta

Get Some Satan Noise Here

Or: Temple of the Morning Star - Today Is the Day

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