Friday, April 8, 2011

Old Man Gloom - Meditations In B (Tortuga, 1999)

Sometimes I get high and listen to this record, and sometimes I get high and listen to this record. When this record came out, I didn't get high. I was fresh out of high school, all my dreams could become realities, and my heart was as big as the melon that sits on these shoulders. Then, a month later, I moved into a trailer in Grandy, NC. Game over.

Needless to say, I couldn't get any higher. While this record sat on my dresser having only been listened to with sober ears, I didn't get it until I was stoned to the bone on a mattress on the floor. My skin had broken out with some weird trailer fungus, the water in the shower smelt like an ashtray, and the only thing I was into was my new found affliction for getting high and laying on that mattress between my shifts at a future-less job as a surf shop tool. Life sucked, but this record ruled.

I would lay my head at the foot of the bed, center the subwolfer, and place one speaker to each side of my head. Fucking begging for my ears to explode. Id turn up the volume as needed to drown out the cowling fishermen and their wenches as they fade into the shit night that is Currituck County.

For real though, this record needs lithium. It ranges from total abuse of the D chord and ride cymbals, to almost meditative, eerie drones with samples and bloops and beeps and bubbles and bursts and shit. Its like listening to your crazy ex, but in a good way.

This band has six members these days, but this record only contains two, being the first release they did. On this record its only Aaron Turner from Hydrahead and Isis fame, and some dude named Santos on drums. Apparently Santos is in the know. Dude treats his drums so well.

Anyways, get this record if you are into pop punk, alt-country, or free jazz. Its right up your alley asshole.

Get It Here

Or: Meditations In B - Old Man Gloom

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