Wednesday, April 27, 2011

La Dusseldorf - Viva (Radar, 1978)

O.K, I really love the post WW2 rock that came out of Germany. I mean these kids had to reinvent their image to the world after the Nazis tainted the national identity of the German people. Think about it, the older generation was wiped out from war and the kids had very little musical role models outside of the U.K and the states. They knew they wanted to sound distinct from other cultural movements in the late sixties, not just the folk based psych rock that was on the rise. So these young cabbage heads looked to themselves and in the industrial remains of their home, they formed what would later be known as KrautRock.

“Viva” by La Dusseldorf is classic kraut in it's true nature. La Dusseldorf carries a steady punk rhythm that has the likeness of Neu! Primarily because both bands had the privilege of sharing vocalist/guitarist Klaus Dinger. Although Neu! called it quits in 75', Klaus carried on to form La Dusseldorf. “Viva” was their most popular album with key tracks such as “Rheinita” and “Cha Cha 2000”. Both tracks were singles from the album. With the punk pulse synthesized into a dream chant, “Viva” is continuously being played on my stereo. This album carries a sense of hope throughout it, by yelling positive anthem lines about how people need to pick themselves up and create a healthier world rather than constantly poisoning it. Besides, any album that blurs sounds to point were it is hard to tell if what you are hearing is guitar fuzz, screaming or some kind of early synth pad, it will always be inviting the listener to engage themselves as to what is really going on. Auf Weidersehen

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Or: Viva - La Düsseldorf

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