Saturday, April 16, 2011

Murder City Devils - In Name and In Blood (Sub Pop, 2000)

Once in a while there is a girl. One that IS the record that you've listened to for years, the kind that the songs are singing about. That what this record is for me. Loose and kind. Drunk and fun. Untrustworthy and worth every minute of it. Taking up all of your time, but always alone. So good and so bad.

You want shittier tattoos.

You want shittier drugs.

You want expensive scotch and cheap beer.

You do lude things to each other in busy parking lots in the daytime.

The decisions you make are fucking terrible, and she's at the top of the list. And you'll listen to this record as long as you can to justify those actions, and you can tell yourself its ok for quite some time. The baggage carried is a heavy load, and the pharmaceutical speed balls she has you on are only as good as they last. It could be heartbreak, it could be withdrawal. But the time spent together will last forever. Endless night after endless night. No responsibility. No commitment. Fucking Babylon.

You'll always remember her no matter what happens in life. You wont hear from her ever again after a few years, but every time you play this record, shes the first crazy thing that pops up in your mind. She left an imprint, almost a lesson learned. As godless as you are, you thank the heavens that it is truly over and the time spent was brief. You miss her always and love her never.

Get Murdered Here

Or: In Name and Blood - The Murder City Devils

Tony Plichta is a microwaveable nutrition enthusiast, has a masters in bullshit, his relationship with his moms aint so great these days, he exhales into his bass drum, and thinks that these banana nut bread scented candles are off the chain!

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