Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Bonzo Dog Band - Urban Spaceman / The Doughnut in Granny's Greenhouse (UK release title) (1968, Parlophone)

The Bonzo Dog Band's album “Urban Spaceman” explores human absurdity with a humorous cacophony of spits and spurts that screams “am I different or what?”.

This British group of the 1960's helped push the buttons of the general public as most artists or musicians have done throughout the ages. Yet, “Urban Spaceman” delivers the off paced wit that resembles the flow of the strangest Monty Python episode and many of their songs parody the narrow mindedness of British attitude.

The Beatles were big fans of the group too and so much so, that Sir Paul McCartney produced the album, can you believe it? Well it's true. In the same course that the magical mystery form took place, they combine formal jazz with gay rock licks and psychedelic fuzzed out reverberations from all angles.

Two of my favorite tracks are “Rhinocratic Oaths” and “Trouser Press”. Like other songs on the album they display a sense of uncertainty to their point, but these two songs in my opinion really have no point, other than demonstrating the idea of how a healthy dose of uncomfortable oddness can be necessary in order to put up with the massive amounts of bullshit that is brought about from everyday life. These are professional musicians showing the world their collective ass. This album makes you wonder how the golden turd came out of it and with melodic frills it sends psychedelic chills as you laugh with a sober and motionless expression; thus causing your nose hairs to wiggle about ferociously. You'll see.

Sean Dail

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Or: The Doughnut In Granny's Greenhouse - Bonzo Dog Band

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