Thursday, February 24, 2011

Windy Weber - I Hate People (2008, Blue Flea and Kenedik)

If you're familiar with the music made by Windy & Carl, then you probably have this. If not, you need it. The duo make gorgeous ambient music with the reverberating sounds of guitars, organs and vocals.

On this solo effort from Windy, the method is the same, only, Windy ain't so gorgeous. In fact, it sounds as if she's attempting to exorcise personal demons through Drone. The two long and painfully dismal tracks on "I Hate People" are buried in strings and screeching feedback. This is an extremely unpleasant journey.

Side A, "Sirens", seems as though she wants us to feel tension and anxiety. Brooding her way through the majority of the track but letting up toward the 24 minute mark, there is a brief release. The self-therapy helped, right?

No. "Destroyed" begins with a disturbing Ohm, antithetical to the regular use of the chanting process. She almost immediately adds a very uneven breathing that creates an incredibly twisted and disorientating atmosphere. Half way through the 32 minute piece, she stabs into us with a bone-chilling jackhammer guitar effect.

Kranky was so disturbed by this that they rejected it. The overall intent appears to be a seance that conjures every negative emotion and then shows utter contempt for all of it. Welcome to Windy's nightmare.

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