Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tinariwen - Imidiwan:Companions (2009, World Village)

The Toureg (Tamashek, as they refer to themselves) are a nomadic culture. Long ago, they traversed northwest Africa, hunting, raising animals, and defending themselves from invading cultures. Few still follow that path today, but many Tamashek still travel about through Mali, Algeria and Niger.

Tinariwen (desert) has a simultaneously complex and simple sound. The compass includes fuzzed out grooves, primitive and spiraling blues and the occasional dervish number that is spiritual but never oppressive. This is very personal music with no commercial aspirations.

The geography, climate and history represented here compels the listener to believe them, and a definitive charm lies within all music that comes out of Mali in particular. The great Ali Farka Toure's guitar sound is familiar to many westerner's at this point and that same beautiful style is presented here. This is genuine, soulful and biographical music.

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