Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shudder to Think - High Art _OST (1998, Velvel)

Disclaimer: If you're pumped to hear some angular and mathematical post-hardcore then you'll be disappointed by this. If you're into the method and format of 70's-80's artists like Moebius, Fripp, Eno or Rodelius, you're going to dig this.

This is predominantly sad but always moving music. STT have managed to produce very elegant ambient pop instrumentals that underline the heady subject matter of the film. Its fascinating the range of genres weaved together here: Jazz, Funk, Lounge and even Country, all encapsulated in this hazy minimalist bubble. I'm reminded of what really screwed down pop might sound like while buoyant in a sensory deprivation chamber. It makes me feel lighter than seawater, much like heroin might be making the characters in the film feel.

Even when Wedren sings on a couple tracks, it doesn't inhibit the fluidity. Great album to be creative to. High on my list of original film scores that are most conducive to the films they represent.

High Art (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) - Shudder to Think

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