Friday, February 25, 2011

ARC - Arkhangelsk (2008, Epidemie)

Improvisational experimental Drone recordings are a dime a dozen these days and the validity is rarely substantial. I know because I've been in quite a few. The Canadian trio ARC comes at it with an authentically avant-garde sound and atmosphere. Aidan Baker (guitars, flutes, tapeloops), Richard Baker (drumkit and percussion) and Christopher Kukiel (percussion) perform psychedelic guitar Drone with a rhythmically tribal approach. "Arkhangelsk" consists of four lengthy compositions recorded in two sessions. The first was improvisation on drumset and guitar and the second was layered percussion, electronics, and flute. Both were in real-time single takes with a minimum of post-production so as to capture the spontaneity of the performances. Here, they brilliantly combine poly-rhythms and textures that I find currently unmatched. They've drawn comparison to Tribes of Neurot, and I would also add Schizotrope, San Augustin and Locrian.

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