Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Einstürzende Neubauten - Anarchitektur (2005, Potomak)

Anarchitektur is the first release of their Musterhaus project, a series of more experimental CD releases that were only available via an annual subscription through their website or from shows during their 25th Anniversary Tour.

Unlike later releases in the Musterhaus series, Anarchitektur did not have a specific theme to it. Rather, it was general experimentation described on the back of the album as "an outlet to the creative aspects of the band that are more experimental, challenging, and less likely to fit into song/album format of their regular releases", a concept which would continue on through the series as the foundation for each release.

I recently revisited this and had forgotten just how creepy it sounds. Through many years of listening to dark musics, I've been a bit desensitized to the horror film-like fright that I felt when I was a teenager first exposed to this band. I was enamored but didn't even know why.

This is vastly different from most of their thirty years of output. More like Kammarheit or Raison d'etre than harsh Industrial environments. A consistent metallic drone emanates through the fourty-six minute piece, then an traditional martial drum stomp and stammer repeats itself periodically. There's nothing groundbreaking here but its nice to hear them doing something in the Drone vein.

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