Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tearist (Cdr, 2009)

Imagine one oddly attractive female writhing around singing as if in mid-sex and simultaneous epileptic fit occasionally messing with a pile of vocal effects pedals at her feet. Imagine awkward new wave looking male looking gothically disinterested in front of a synth rack. Put these two in a claustrophobic feeling room and voila, you have Tearist.

This is 24 minutes of avant-garde post-punk dance and witch house. A demon-ridden Diamanda Galas and a nymphomaniacal Siousxie haunted by the ghost of the original 4AD ladies dancing like Ian Curtis and recorded all lo-fi by Salem and Zola Jesus while on speed.

Shocking, confusing and brilliant. Dance alone in front of your mirror, bitches.

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  1. This is quite good. Thanks.

  2. cannot extract

  3. ok, finaly i extracted. thank u, but why m4a? very idiotic format