Monday, June 27, 2011

Tall Dwarfs - 3 EPs (Flying Nun, 1994)

This goofball New Zealand duo, founded in 1981, is pretty ridiculous but equally talented and interesting. Chris Knox and Alex Bathgate made several records with guitar, organ, casiotone and hand percussion. They were DIY pioneers of the lo-fi aesthetic, using 4 track recordings buried in the lovely land of tape hiss.

3 EPs was a particularly interesting development for the band as they invited fans to record their own instrumentation and what not on cassette and submit them. The band used this material as fundamentals for many pieces.

A sloppy Spacemen 3 on acid instead of heroin, these guys also incorporate the stylings of Donovan, George Harrison and a bit of a Fugs motif.

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  1. Have you listened to any of the records they made as THE CLEAN in the years before doing Tall Dwarfs, etc.? Far more stripped down and dirty than the Tall Dwarfs recordings, and really, really great.