Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brilliant Colors - Introducing (Slumberland, 2009)

In December 1989, Slumberland Records released "What Kind of Heaven Do You Want?", a shared 7" featuring early line-ups of Velocity Girl, Black Tambourine, and Powderburns. Two decades later the label is still true to their original Twee / C86er aesthetic, offering us The Pains of Being Pure of Heart and this retro wonder, Brilliant Colors.

This all girl trio provides us with many vital late 80's elements: jangly hooks and melodies, muffled New York No Wave atonal vocal delivery, blown out reverb guitar (think sloppy but charming early Kevin Shields), punchy but loose basslines and the crucial Black Tambourine-style tom heavy drumming.

The only negative criticism I have is that the record is 24 minutes long. At an average of 2 minutes a song, every time I'm really feeling something, its suddenly over.

Most importantly, this is just a fun record. If you were a teenager in 1989, dig this; if you're a teenager in 2011, dig this. Introducing is a nostalgic joyride that many should be able to relate to.

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Or: Introducing - Brilliant Colors

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