Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Comets on Fire - Blue Cathedral (Sub Pop, 2004)

I remember my original face. It was ok but I was never really fond of it. So, luckily, I wasn't too distraught when in 2004, I picked up this album and that face was melted. Of course, I should have had a better plastic surgeon, alas, so it goes.

What we have here are the finest aspects of The Stooges and MC5 launched into a funnel cloud with the best elements of Blue Oyster Cult and early Pink Floyd. Oh, and toss in an overused Echoplex. One of the coolest and most acid-drenched burning rock n' roll records I've ever heard. And lest I forget, Ben Chasny (Six Organs...) is in the band. Thirsty yet?

Take amphetamines.
Take some LSD.
Listen to Comets On Fire.
Just sayin'.

Get It Here

Or: Blue Cathedral - Comets On Fire

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