Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Igor Wakhevich - Docteur Faust (Pathe Marconi EMI, 1971)

OK, what the hell is this? It's good, I think....I think.
Doctor Faustus is a play based on the Faust story. Common themes are sin and affirmation and Satan. So with that in mind, needless to say this album is dark and scary in tone. “Docteur Faust” is almost set up like a surreal score for the play itself. This album is really pure progressive rock in it's most cluttered and abstract form. The smooth jammy grooves of early Pink Floyd are holding hands with the martial sounds of King Crimson and Stravinsky and they're walking along, yet keep on falling into puddles of Goblin goo. As this album is purposely composed as it is, it is a bit much in the way of never gaining any sort theme other than confusion and torment. Which, if that is what Igor Wakhevich was attempting to do, he has exceeded his goal. Seriously though, this album sounds like Satan's own martial symphony is playing while marching straight into the cave where several species of small fury animals are grooving with a Pict. This album is definitely worth checking out.

--Sean Dail

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