Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hans Wurman - Chopin a la Moog (RCA, 1970)

Machine electric composition via Moog of Chopin by way of Wurman. The horns have started turning. The fridge is getting louder. This 1970's release of Wurman's renditions of Romantic composer Frederic Chopin are performed on a classic Moog synthesizer and done fantastically well. The rest happens when you listen to it.

Ballad in G major Op 23

Etude in A-Flat Posth No 2

Etude in C Minor Op 10 No 12 (Revolutionary)

Etude in E Op 10 No 3

Etude in F-Minor Op 25 No 2

Etude in G-Sharp Minor Op 25 No 6

Mazurka in D Op 33 No 2

Polonaise in A Op 40 No1

Prelude in D-Flat Op 28 No 15

Waltz in A-Flat Op 34 No 1

Waltz in C-Sharp minor Op 64 No 2

Waltz in D-Flat Op 62 No1 (minute)

Waltz in E-Minor Op Prosth

Now noticed where you have haphazardly placed your doilies and remember how you spilled your favorite batch of eggnog and schnapps on the NES. Just remember, it was out of your control and bound to happen anyway. Enjoy

-- Sean Dail

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