Monday, March 28, 2011

Teepee - Morals (Senzei, 2009)

Anybody remember art pop? Well, this guy does and his debut self-released album is throwing me a curve ball. I'm hearing this at a time when I'm obsessed with bizarro world artists like Blank Dogs, Gary War and the more experimental Zola Jesus. Teepee has elements of these artists but succeeds in nailing his own brand of outsider art music.

He melds junk synth drones and simple drum machine spines with heavily processed electric guitar resulting in an immensely washed out hallucinogenic journey. He's not limited to that either. Some tracks are lovely and clean acoustic guitar, others sound like tape experiments and in some you'll even find emotional, americana-esque qualities reminiscent of Kurt Vile. This is a candy store for those opposed to genre boundaries. He offers No wave, new Wave, post-punk, darkwave, shoegaze, synth pop, punk, americana and a little John Cage for good measure.

If you're familiar with Electric Bunnies or Melted Sunglasses, it will make sense to you that he is a member of both outfits. I'm most impressed with the quality recoding for something with such a "lo-fi" feel. And, there is a genuine honesty in his music. No pretense here. This is a diamond in the rough of the current scene. Get it now before all the hipsters are on board. Don't let them ruin this for you!

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