Saturday, March 5, 2011

Caninus - Now the Animals Have a Voice (2004, Wartorn Records)

Yes, this is a grindcore band with pitbulls on vocals. When human members were asked how they recorded, they responded "with a lot of rawhides and doorbells". Apparently, Budgie and Basil were rescued by the human band members just before being euthanized. Have no fear, Caninus' humans are also vegan and obsessive animal lovers. They're approved by PETA and ASPCA. Animal exploitation, you say? Maybe, but so were those Pound Puppies Christmas carol LP's my sister and I used to bark along to.

My dogs also sing along when I play this. Of course, this is cool as it means my dogs obviously enjoy a form of Metal music. I do think they like Grindcore more than me but, hey, its a start.

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Or: Now the Animals Have a Voice - Caninus

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