Thursday, March 24, 2011

Belong - Common Era (Kranky, 2011)

New Orleans duo Michael Jones and Turk Dietrich have finally delivered their second full-length in a decade. With their first album, October Language, they impressed me with droning soundscapes all meticulously convoluted as if played through hundreds of warbly tape decks simultaneously.

With this release they've joined the Kranky roster and it is obvious why. Seems as though these two spent the last few years hanging out with Cloudland Canyon and Ulrich Schnauss. This is all krautrock / shoegaze, and its successfully lovely. These tracks are for driving, windows down, feeling as if all is right with the world... if the world preferred hearing everything infinitely processed like I do. Definitely spring mixtape material.

Get Warbly

Or: Common Era - Belong

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