Friday, February 17, 2012

Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk - S/T (Pedigree Cuts, 2010)

Since 2001, this enigmatic German producer has been keeping me interested in progressive Shoegaze concepts. Many people are emulating these 90's ideals that we all love but he's one of the few that herald the banner properly. Several records into his discography, there is this from last year; a collaboration that encompasses the entire Shoegaze aesthetic but in a minimal fashion. Alongside Danish Dream Pop producer extraordinaire, Jonas Munk (of Manual), he might have made his boldest and most mature statement yet. This is beautiful music for any occasion.

The guitars on the record are mainly the Fender based including Jonas’s slim line Telecaster and his moded Jazzmaster. Guitars when amped where recorded through a Fender Twin. Ulrich’s synth palette include, for the 70’s influenced tracks, the CP80 and the Korg PS3200 and for the 80’s and 90’s inspired tracks he chose the polyphonic Oberheim OB8 and Oberheim OBX for the basis of the tracks.

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