Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lightnin' Hopkins - Blue Lightnin' (Jewel, 1965)

The early 60's was a strange time for Brother Hopkins. As sales and interest fell off for this original gangster, he watered things down a bit to appeal to the hippie/college kid/folk audience. This move toward accessibility put a dent in his cred. Luckily, he rebounded in 1965 with these sessions for Stan Lewis' Jewel logo.

I've always been partial to the Texas juke joint blues, and Hopkins' famous "E shuffle sound" worked the guitar to create a sound that was slightly brighter than the forlorn one of the Delta or the amphetamine style of Chicago.

'Move on Out' and a particularly down and dark 'Back Door Friend' are the bruisers here. A great young band shines on this album while Elmore Nixon, another Houston great, plays piano on several cuts.

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