Friday, August 26, 2011

Ry Cooder - Paris, Texas OST (Warner Bros., 1984

This film changed my life. Of course, if you were to have extracted the brilliantly painful and moving score, I'm not sure it would have had quite the same impact. Those long takes alongside the minimal dialog would not be nearly as effective without Cooder's solitary and melancholic steel guitar. The A/V is completely synonymous. Its also a real treat to have a song on here sung by Sir Harry Dean Stanton (ok, I added the knighthood moniker but I'm sure you feel me). I've been listening to the cd for years and had forgotten about it for a while until I picked up the cassette at a thrift store a while back. Now I want the vinyl. This is the jewel in the crown of one of the greatest film music composers. Throw this on while sitting outside in the sunshine drinking a cerveza. You have my word you won't be disappointed.

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