Sunday, August 21, 2011

Christopher Robin Waite - The Black Cassette (Mixtape, 2011)

In 1996, I started djing house parties. In 1997, I started djing nightclubs and "raves". By 1999, I was sick of djing for stupid kids that cared more about the speed and mdma than the music. Everything started to slow down...way down. I had done a few gigs in DJ Wally's opium den type lounge in NYC and decided to submerse myself in that whole "illbient" thing. I began mixing with as many mediums as possible. I used turntables, cassette walkmen and cd players, all the while forgetting about beatmatching and no longer worrying about trainwrecking. One night I got really stoned and randomly mixed Nina Simone with Einsturzende Neubauten, Angelo Badalamenti, Prince Jammy and Ligety. It was a magical and life changing experience. The result was mindbending and it struck me to continue this artistic accident into the public sphere. I still do it to this day. Its evolved over the course of a decade but the unique mind altering state that it puts my audience in still exists.

Chris Waite is on my wavelength, only, his mix is completely mature and stunningly thought out and executed. This is a real gem. sit down, relax and enjoy the lobotomy.

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  1. and worth recognizing the fact that this mix was done in 1996.

  2. the b-side of this tape is a piece called requiem for the undead. also done in 1996.

  3. i love this work, i love that man.
    in another time-space continuum Chris Waite is snagging microphones from Taylor Swift...