Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fuzz Against Junk - Netti Netti (2008)

This outstanding Bristol septet melds heavy 70's Acid Rock with hints of British Jazz and Krautrock all with an improvisational feel; And its surprisingly cohesive and accessible for such experimental material.

Sometimes intense and abrasive, sometimes groovy yet cerebral, they even stray into nasty funk and pastoral hippie folk at times. I enjoy that the vocalist hints at some Damo Suzuki, Don Van vliet, Dr. John and even a bit of David Tibet. And for the real nerd, you'll be happy to know there's even a cut that sounds intentionally like something from the Wicker Man soundtrack.

This is a delicious stew of Comets on Fire, Soft Machine, early Can, Sun Ra, Ghost, Current 93, Thuvian throat singing and Sun City Girls, all a part of a balanced breakfast.

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Or: Netti Netti - Fuzz Against Junk

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