Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Coil - How to Destroy Angels (1984)

This is it, folks. This is the record that got me into all the weird shit that you know about me. Seriously, it all stems from this. The first release from Coil. And to all you hipster kids that listen to drone and aren't aware, yes, amongst their monstrous output of Industrial and Acid House in the early 80's, this was their first recording. In my world, this is the original Drone recording. Not to be confused with Ambient because that's a different idea altogether. I'm talking about primal ritualistic drug-addled cosmic Carl Jung investigated honest to god droning ceremonial paganistic roots of post-simian intellect type shit.

This is music that makes you evolutionarily regressive. It always reminds me of William Hurt's character's desire for pure understanding in the film "Altered States". This is the appropriate score for the Mexican tribal psilocybin-ingesting scene in the film which focuses on the male ego and the innate power struggle of the anima and the animus. By the way, If you're not familiar with Ken Russell you should get a fucking clue.

This is ritual music for the accumulation of male sexual energy.

"The price of existence is eternal warfare."Further reading for Coil fanatics

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  1. It obviously wasn't the first drone recording because The Dream Syndicate was around way before.

  2. Who gave you the right to give away their music?