Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Swans - To Be Kind (Young God, 2014)

A few days ago, I finally sat down and listened to this two hour long epic. I had been skeptical. I thought there was no way they had the stamina to keep it up. I hadn't listened because I didn't want to be disappointed.

I was wrong... so wrong. This album is, once again, perfect. This incarnation of Swans over the past three albums is the greatest rock collective of all time. The utmost at conveying in musical terms, the beauty and brutality of human existence.

I wanted to write a review but after reading Adam Kivel's review for Consequence of Sound, I changed my mind. I can't touch his. He absolutely nailed it. I strongly urge you to read his thoughts HERE.

Here is Gaspar Noe's film "Enter the Void" with the complete "To Be Kind" album as the score:

Swans - To Be Kind [2014] + Enter The Void - Gaspar NoƩ [2009] (EXP EDT) from Raphael Mandra on Vimeo.

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