Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bad News - No End (Chondritic Sound, 2012)

No matter how old I become, its doubtful I'll ever recover from the impact Skinny Puppy made on my fourteen year old mind. Hearing "VIVIsectVI" was a lifechanging experience. Therefore, whenever I hear any current industrial tributes to that era, I freak out over it. Lots of acts are doing it these days but Bad News is the first to really grip me with it.

Pounding drum machines, brutal guitars and harsh synthesizers meet aggressive and teen-like female snarls that cast the apocalypse down upon the doomed listener. This is intense music that is well performed and so authentic you'd think it was a record from Nettwerk circa '89.

There are also elements of punk and a psychedelic tinge a la Chris & Cosey, which gives it a creative edge. Keep your ears on this San Francisco duo, as well as many other acts on Chondritic Sound.

Beautifully painted cassette limited to 100, and they're almost gone.


  1. Can't wait to check this out. One of my formative musical moments was seeing Puppy in 1986. I unwisely wore a light coloured shirt (surprised I even had one) and got splattered with fake blood, which sort of capped the whole experience nicely.

    1. Haha. Nice. I think you'll enjoy this and most everything on Chondritic sound. solid label.

  2. See 'em fer free at the opening party for the Division of Labor Festival June 13 in SF.