Friday, April 19, 2013

Chris & Cosey (CTI)- European Rendezvous, Live 1983 (1984)

I was awakened to the sound of my clock radio blasting sensationalized reports of terror all over the United States. As per usual, I'm only effected by this news enough to be extremely annoyed with this type journalism. For whatever reason, this album came to mind, visions of dystopia dancing in my head.

Its no coincidence that Chris & Cosey, as CTI (Creative Technology Institute), released this live piece (with lovely slides and visuals by John Lacey) in 1984, a time in modern history wrought with fear of big brother. The cold war and Reaganomics were at their height and I remember it vividly.  As a 10 year old child , this brainwashing machine made an indelible impact on my psyche.

This record seems to capture all of that emotional intensity, and the visuals aren't bad either. Sit back, relax, and get paranoid and trippy to a couple of my industrial musical heroes.


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