Thursday, September 27, 2012

F.J. McMahon - Spirit of the Golden Juice (Private Press, 1969)

Last week I stumbled across this gem. Since I'm always looking for a particular softer side of psych / folk / country / pop vibe (particularly of the outsider vibe) , I'm quite excited about this man's music.

McMahon returned from a tour in Vietnam with something to say. He recorded this, his only output, a masterpiece for some reason swept under the rug. What's presented here is a mesmerizing voice singing plaintive, melancholy and romantic lyrics. He plays somber minor key guitar tracks, accompanied by bass and a delicate yet strong drum kit.

This is an extremely underrated, one off album that should no longer be slept on. Fans of Tim Hardin, Jim Schoenfield, Scott Walker, and Rodriguez would be wise to snag this.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, "The Golden Juice" is the name of a bourbon.

Get it HERE

And order the LP re-issue over at Sacred Bones HERE


  1. great song, shame the link has gone

  2. The link is break, reup please, Thanks!!!

  3. Awesome. You might want to check out Bill Cooley and Alan Munson "In Debt." I am not sure if its private press or not. Here's a little gem I found recently: