Thursday, June 28, 2012

William Cody Watson - Bill Murray (Bathetic, 2012)

Almost every man I know (and every man you know) has quite an affinity for the presence, the idea, the notion that is Bill Murray. We relate to his romantic existentialism. The funny man we've watched evolve into that gentle soul drifting through later life, searching for something more, almost under-racting his life as he does in his films. So, what would a musical tribute to Bill Murray sound like?

Arkansas musician William Cody Watson decided to figure that out. His improvisations resulted in eleven of the the most somber, melancholy and introspective ambient movements I've heard in a while. Two twenty minute sides of sublime and beautiful textures, emanating sadness, but with a sense of purity, like a character drifting through a Kurosawa film. I'm reminded of certain Stars of the Lid pieces that are so stark and bleak that if you weren't so depressed by them, you might even cry.

For those who enjoy Fennesz or Kyle Bobby Dunn, this is heavy music on a heavy label.

Get it at  Bathetic Records

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