Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Louvin Brothers - Satan is Real (Capitol, 1960)

Ira, Ira, Ira... what happened to you? You preached the gospel yet set such a poor example. I mean, if you want people to take the Lord Jesus seriously, you have to be a better role model. What you chose to do was to drink way too much corn liquor and beat the shit out of your wife until she shot you in the chest multiple times. Granted, you're a stubborn mother fucker, you lived, but come on man, what were you thinking?

And Charlie, besides pioneering Close Harmony (thanks for that), how the hell did you put up with your bro and all this misbehavior? At least you didn't get a bad rap by association. I'm sure you were no angel but at least you never got caught.

I don't believe in Hell, the rapture, the tribulation, the day of judgement or Jesus answering any sort of prayer but when I drink enough (like while I'm writing this) I begin to feel my church-raised childhood creeping in. Then some false sense of guilt arises that makes me feel bad about every decision I've ever made...and isn't that what Christianity is all about? Praise the lord and pass the whiskey. And by the way, Satan's Jewelled Crown is one of the prettiest songs you will ever hear.

Most importantly, you can thank Ira for this album cover, possibly the greatest one ever conceived.

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