Saturday, July 23, 2011

Aqua Velvets - Guitar Noir ( Milan,1997)

The album is called “Guitar Noir”, and that is exactly what it sounds like. The band, Aqua Velvets, and now you can almost smell it. Smooth, refined and hypnotically dark with a tinge of expected monolog that tells the first person story of a lonesome night as the days past are reflected in rain shimmering off the streetlights of some abandoned alley. Yeah, that's right.

Aqua Velvets are a southern California surf group that first appeared in the late 80's. "(The band) doesn’t slavishly imitate others or attempt to duplicate the past. All songs on the aptly titled Guitar Noir are originals and many are quite good"(Los Angeles Daily News). These fellas are part of the rebirth sound of surf to be known as neosurf. A lot of Aqua Velvets tracks have been featured in prime time detective shows and nineties noir films. It is pure guitar noir, and that is basically all there is to say about this album. Now, all one needs to do is, get a pack of smokes, scrounge up enough money for your favorite fifth, put the record on and get to work. It'll be along night, yet you know all that is left is a reason, a reason why you're here. Good luck kid, you'll need it.

--Sean Dail

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