Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Low - Christmas (1999)

Each holiday season I enjoy listening to three Christmas albums: A Phil Spector Christmas, John Fahey Christmas and Low's Christmas.

Everyone's favorite Duluth, Minnesota Mormon Slowcore band recorded this gem in 1999 and I have loved it ever since.

The opening track "Just Like Christmas" is an incredibly catchy lo-fi jangle that may have even put a smile on Phil Spector's face had he ever heard it. Following that are four more tasteful originals that hold their own along with covers of "Blue Christmas", "Silent Night" and a version of "Little Drummer Boy" that just crushes me.

When I was a boy I listened to my copy of the "Little Drummer Boy" LP year round. This is probably the reason I enjoy so much somber and downright depressing music in general. Low's version is true to the original. It reminds me of how intense and reverent the song was intended to come across. This is not your caroling choir in front of the corner store once a year. Here we have the slowest rum-pum-pums you've ever heard but buried in tape hiss and heavy organ drone.

This is a holiday classic for those who enjoy Christmas as well as those who do not.

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