Tuesday, October 26, 2010

C.A. Quintet - Trip Thru Hell - 1969

I recently discovered this Minnesota Garage / Psychedelic rock band because a friend sent a link to me about the LP selling for $1600 on Ebay. After downloading it I understand why. Freaky acidic jams like "Trip Thru Hell Part 1" and jangly pop songs such as a strange cover of "Micky's Monkey" make for an oddly captivating outing. With flanged drum solos and trumpet lines in the vein of Arthur Lee & Love, this makes quite a trip. Its a nightmarish evening of blotter and confusion you might remember from youth. Elements of everything from Jefferson Airplane to Manfred Mann and from The Pretty Things to The 5th Dimension. If you're a fan of Drug Rock in general, don't sleep on this one. Ripe with heavy riffs, Go Go'ish 60's game show theme vibes, amateur Jazz and a campy Canned Heat feeling bluesy acoustic outro about their passionate drug use makes this bizarre and goofy but infectious.

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Or: Trip

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